Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is providing in-your-home pet sitting. This allows your pets to stay in the comfort of a familiar environment where routines can be maintained as normal as possible. At the same time, your home is looked after (mail, lights, garbage cans, and plant watering), which provides a degree of crime deterrence.

The only boarding we offer is limited to cats and other small animals (i.e. pocket pets and reptiles) in their own habitats.

For more information about the benefits of using a professional pet sitter in your home, click here.

No, we do not board dogs. We can board cats or small animals in their own habitats (e.g. reptiles or pocket pets). When a cat stays with us, they are not kept in a cage. Instead, they have a whole room with scratching posts, toys, and comfortable furniture to enjoy.

No, we have cared for a wide variety of other animals including pocket pets, birds, fish, rabbits, and reptiles.

We cannot, however, care for any animals that are aggressive or have a history of biting or attacking people or other animals.

We provide services to pet clients in Modesto.  Please refer to our service area map.

Our services are scheduled between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. 

Yes we do. We offer pet sitting services 365 days a year. Some holiday periods have an additional fee added to compensate our valued staff for spending time with your kids instead of their own family and friends.

You can contact us by phone, email, or text. Just let us know what dates and types of services you need, and we will let you know about our availability. Please try to give us as much advance notice as possible to help us accommodate your needs.

We schedule visits within a time window for breakfast, midday, and dinner.  We do our best to schedule your visits to meet the needs of your pet and maintain their normal routines.

We do not schedule any visits before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm.”

We highly discourage it. For their health and safety, we feel your cat should be visited at least once a day. Cats tend to cover-up when they don’t feel well, and an untreated condition left for 48 hours could be life-threatening. A cat could get dehydrated after knocking over their water bowl or an auto feeder might malfunction.

A daily visit will ensure that the litter box doesn’t get too dirty, leading your cat to find an inappropriate alternate location (like your bed?). Visiting every day also allows the sitter to make sure that any problems in your home don’t go unnoticed for too long…we have dealt with heater and a/c issues, malfunctioning sprinklers, a break-in, etc.

No, for the safety of your dog, we keep dogs on a leash. If you want off-leash time, we can schedule a trip to the dog park. Another alternative we offer is transportation to (or from) a doggy day care facility.

We charge for our visit time, not per pet. If it requires more time to take care of the needs of multiple pets, we will schedule longer visits. One minor exception is if you have more than two dogs to walk – each additional dog is $2.

Yes, we can administer medication, at no additional charge. We can give oral medication (pills and liquids), topical medications (drops, sprays, and ointments), and subcutaneous injections (e.g. insulin). We do not, however, give intravenous injections. Please have all medications and instructions available at our initial meeting.

Bringing in mail (including packages) and newspapers, and taking out as well as bringing in garbage cans is included in your service fee. In general, we are able to do some plant watering within the scheduled visit time, at no extra charge. If you have a large number of plants and the time needed for watering is substantial, we may need to schedule a longer visit with a higher fee.

We accept cash, check, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Zelle. Payment is made at time of scheduling, when services start, or at completion of services. A late fee will apply for payments received 30 days after completion of services.

Absolutely, and that would be greatly appreciated. You can include the additional amount with your payment, or leave it at your home with a note so we know who it is for. Gifts or a gift card are another option, and also appreciated.

Of course. At our initial meeting, we will discuss the type and frequency of communication you prefer. We can send texts or emails, including photos and videos, or leave notes at your home. In the case of any emergencies with your pet or home, we will attempt to reach you by phone first.

Yes, we are insured, as well as bonded and licensed. We are also a member of Pet Sitters International.

Most of our clients keep a key on file with us so we have it available and ready for when you have a need. Keys are kept in storage boxes in our office and labeled with codes instead of client names or addresses.

If you choose to not keep a key on file, there will be a $10 charge for us to pick it up or return it.

No, we require an initial meeting before the first visit. We need to meet you and your pets, see where all necessary supplies are, complete paperwork (including sign a contract), and get a key. Please allow enough advance notice prior to your first pet visit so we have sufficient time to schedule the meeting beforehand.

Holiday periods are especially hectic, so even more advance notice is necessary. Last minute booking fees may apply.

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet – the pet sitter, you (the pet owner), and your pet – and for us to learn about your pet’s personality, health, and routines. We will spend an average of 30-45 minutes to complete a thorough file with all the details and expectations for care.

We will also note your vet, emergency contacts, alarm information, and other necessary home details. Please have a house key ready for the pet sitter at the end of the visit.

There is no charge for this meeting, and no additional meetings will be needed in the future unless a new pet joins your family. If there are any other changes at your home (new alarm information, change in feeding or other routines, etc.), please contact us and we will determine if it is necessary to have a follow-up meeting with you.

We make every effort to accommodate last minute requests. We know that emergencies happen, but other than the urgent unplanned situations, it is important to reserve your dates in advance. The more notice we have, the more likely we are able to schedule your pet services. This is especially true for busy holiday periods. Last minute booking fees may apply.

Our holiday periods are the following:
• Easter
• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving week (Wednesday – Sunday)
• Christmas/New Year’s (December 23 – January 1)

To avoid last-minute reservation fees, and help us plan for sufficient staffing, the minimum notice is 7 days for existing clients and 14 days for new clients.

Please note, however, that during peak holiday periods, schedule slots generally fill quickly and far in advance. Our advice is don’t wait until the last minute to contact us if you expect to be gone for the holidays. To compensate our valued staff for spending the holidays with your kids instead of their own family and friends, the holiday service rate is an additional $5 for visits and walks.

We have developed our cancellation policy in order to help us best serve the needs of all our clients. Cancellation due to early trip returns are subject to the same notification requirements.

Daily walks require 24 hours’ notice. If there is an unexpected illness or emergency, there is no charge if we are notified by 8:00 am.

Services during holiday periods:
15 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation – no charge to client.
5-14 days’ notice – 50% of full fee charged to client.
4 or fewer days’ notice – full fee charged to client.

Services during non-holiday periods:
5 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation – no charge to client.
2-4 days’ notice – 50% of full fee charged to client. 24 hours’ notice – full fee charged to client.